It is our pleasure to share our experience in working with Mr. Ken Allen during the development of our rental properties. In summer 2010, we had our first meeting with Ken and learned pros and cons about investments in rental properties. We were well informed and decided to take the first step. In winter 2010, we bought the first property. Ken is a hardworking, trustworthy young man. He knows Longmont and its surrounding area very well. In particular, his hands-on knowledge in the rental market is essential to guide us to choose the right properties for rental. Ken is honest, sincere and patient. It was the reason why we decided to work with Ken again when we were considering the second rental property this year, 2012. Now, we are in the process to acquire this second property with the contract to be closed by December. Mr. Ken Allen is not just an agent; he is our partner.
a client in Boulder

Buying property

Every investor has a different goal. Each goal is as unique as the investor. But goals often involve a combination of equity appreciation over time along with cash flow and income generation. Goals may also involve the use of leverage for increased return. The time horizon is different for everyone.

At Milestone Real Estate, Inc., we have the experience to work with first time or seasoned investors throughout the cycle of buy and hold real estate investment. We can estimate potential rental income and help you select property that meets your objectives.

We know what kinds of properties yield returns investors desire. We can evaluate and advise on the many variables of each potential investment property. If you looking primarily for long term equity appreciation, immediate cash flow, or a combination of both, we can assist you. Each profile of property is different with its own strengths.

Managing Property

How a property will be managed is an important discussion. We can walk you through what to expect related to tenant issues and how to plan for potential repairs down the road and what your legal obligations are as a property investment owner. If you plan to manage the property yourself, we can equip you with what you need. If you want to hire a property manager, we are experts in property management. We are glad to act as your property manager for properties throughout Boulder County and southwest Weld County. We are also often hired to manage property from clients who have been working with another company or have been self managing for a period of time.

As a property manager, our goal is to manage investment property in an efficient, friendly, and professional manner. We adhere to all fair housing laws. We look for the most qualified tenant for each property. We want investment property to be leased in the shortest period of time possible to keep vacancy rates low. We screen potential tenants, conduct a thorough tenant check-in for everyone’s benefit and manage property on an ongoing basis in a way that you can be proud of, always keeping the owner’s best interests in mind.

Selling Investment Property

At some point in the investment cycle, either because you are an accidental investor or it is just time to realize the gains of investment over time, it becomes time to sell an investment. Perhaps the purpose of the sale is to reinvest in something different using a 1031 tax deferred exchange. At Milestone Real Estate Inc., we are familiar with the specialized challenges of selling investment property. While the process is similar to selling owner occupied or vacant property, there are important differences, such as important legal terms of the current lease, and coordinating various details with an existing tenant.

Handy Calculators

Draw on our investment expertise and professionalism.