Mr. Ken Allen introduced us into the rental business and he has managed our first rental property for us since winter 2010. Rental market in winter was slow. Ken knew the market very well because he was managing a large of number of rental properties for his clients. He was able to identify the right place for the ads and knew how to revise the ads to get high priorities during a search. More importantly, he was able to evaluate the candidates with an interest in our property. One interesting fact we learned from Ken was that the credit report did not mean much in this business. Ken was a good observer, and he was able to learn the candidate through casual conversations. Our first, and the only, tenant has stayed in our property for a year and half. We have never experienced any problems. Now, we are in the process to acquire the second rental property. Naturally, Ken will manage this one for us again when its contract is to be closed by December this year, 2012.

a client in Boulder