Ken Allen is not only our real estate agent and property manager, he is our friend. With diligence and integrity, Ken expertly marketed our Longmont home. Then, when the depressed housing market prevented an acceptable offer, he successfully located a great family to rent our house prior to our moving overseas. We appreciated his ongoing management of that property. We highly recommend Ken to you for all of your real estate needs.

J. & P. GilesChiang Mai, Thailand

My son and I have enjoyed the help Ken has been rendering us in managing our four properties in Longmont and look forward to his doing the same for one property in Boulder. At least two of our friends have asked Ken to do the same for them in Boulder county. Ken is very knowledgeable, hard working, always on top of things and have given us good advice when it comes to repairs and other related matters. Obtain quotes for us in larger projects from multiple sources and gave us a fair evaluation of the differences of the bidders. Above all, he is a man of integrity and we do not hesitate to recommend him to our friends.

a client in Longmont

From a few years ago: With Ken being a relatively new real estate agent, my appreciation of his service is based on his willingness to be flexible and go out of his way to find answers for questions related to my needs. He is never pushy, always willing to listen and understand and very helpful. Ken scores high in my view in both his IQs and EQs. His pleasant personality and uprightness in his business dealings from my observations of his dealing with others impresses me and he cooperates with me in how I want to handle the situation fully, without imposing his view on the situation we find ourselves in both in terms of the broad market and our special situation. As far as I am concerned, he is a good listing agent.

a client in Boulder

Ken Allen treats my property as it were his own or better. He carefully checked out and screened everyone. He is great to communicate anything I need to know and take care of all I don’t need to know. Fair and trustworthy, thank goodness for him!

Lorrie BottorffOrem, UT

Moving to Longmont from out-of-state required help in finding a place to live.  Ken was the perfect gentleman, not pushing himself on us.  We realized he was exactly the kind of realtor we wanted to work with.  When we asked for his help, he not only stepped up but jumped all in and in a short time located the perfect home for us: perfect price, location and style to rent.  As we have kept looking for a home to buy, Ken has patiently showed us many homes and patiently accepted our passing on one after another.  He understands people and the market.  It is refreshing to work with a man of integrity, which clearly reflects his personal relationship with God.  Anyone who wants to be understood, treated with respect, and given space to buy when they are ready need look any further than Ken.

Greg DeWeese

I switched to Next Level property managers because I was looking for better service, reporting, tenant screening, and overall care of my property.  They haven’t let me down.  Since I’ve been using Next Level as my property manager my property and tenants are better cared-for and the tenants stay longer.  I’ve been very pleased with the service and value I’ve received.

ChrisLongmont, CO

It is our pleasure to share our experience in working with Mr. Ken Allen during the development of our rental properties. In summer 2010, we had our first meeting with Ken and learned pros and cons about investments in rental properties. We were well informed and decided to take the first step. In winter 2010, we bought the first property. Ken is a hardworking, trustworthy young man. He knows Longmont and its surrounding area very well. In particular, his hands-on knowledge in the rental market is essential to guide us to choose the right properties for rental. Ken is honest, sincere and patient. It was the reason why we decided to work with Ken again when we were considering the second rental property this year, 2012. Now, we are in the process to acquire this second property with the contract to be closed by December. Mr. Ken Allen is not just an agent; he is our partner.

a client in Boulder

Mr. Ken Allen introduced us into the rental business and he has managed our first rental property for us since winter 2010. Rental market in winter was slow. Ken knew the market very well because he was managing a large of number of rental properties for his clients. He was able to identify the right place for the ads and knew how to revise the ads to get high priorities during a search. More importantly, he was able to evaluate the candidates with an interest in our property. One interesting fact we learned from Ken was that the credit report did not mean much in this business. Ken was a good observer, and he was able to learn the candidate through casual conversations. Our first, and the only, tenant has stayed in our property for a year and half. We have never experienced any problems. Now, we are in the process to acquire the second rental property. Naturally, Ken will manage this one for us again when its contract is to be closed by December this year, 2012.

a client in Boulder

Ken, As a family not familiar with the Boulder County area and moving across the country Ken and his team, contacts and professionalism made are move smooth, easy and seamless.  I am very happy with Ken’s handling of our search for a house through our closing and even helping me find contractors afterward. I would recommend Ken to any of my contacts.

a client in Old Town Louisville

Ken’s personal, one-on-one attention made our move so much easier. He rented our condo in no time flat and we’ve been nothing but pleased with him as our property manager. We’re out of state and he takes care of everything!

Janet AitkenLongmont, CO